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> Hi Guys,
> After looking at Stacy's CoCo 2 collection and reading the comment about a CoCo Supercomputer, I remembered reading about a
> cluster of Commodore 64s that were connected together into a supercomputer like system.  I have been wondering for a long while
> now about what it would take to create CoCo Supercomputer cluster utilizing as many CoCos as we could get together in one place
> and even over the internet now that we have Drivewire 4 capabilities.  What do you all think?  Please keep the comments as positive
> as possible.  I do appreciate any serious thoughts, ideas and comments that could lead toward this goal.  Who knows how long this
> would take.  I'd like to ultimately see all possible Coco 1s, 2s, 3s, CoCo3FPGAs, Multicomp09s, and any other platform that can run
> 6809 software like NitrOS-9 come together.  I'm thinking that maybe NitrOS-9 could be used for this purpose since it has proven to be
> an excellent adaptable 6809/6309 Operating system.
> I think this would be a very interesting project for the community as a whole.  Has anybody else been thinking along these lines?
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