[Coco] 720kb Diskettes

Gene Heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Sat Feb 27 19:24:55 EST 2016

On Saturday 27 February 2016 18:46:10 Ed Orbea wrote:

>    I'm finally getting around to accessing via my SDC) the Australian
> OS9 POD library files graciously provided by Bob Devries in Feb 2015
> (yeah, I know it's taken me a year).
>    Bob says that they are 720k diskettes and I am having problems
> getting dmode properly set (either in VCC or SDC) to access the
> drives. Whatever I try just gives error 249.
>    Can I get a  listing of the proper dmode settings?
>    Thanks
>    Ed

Depending on whether or not the SDC honors the side bit, a 720k disk 
would be sid=2 cyl=50 if it does, otherwise I'd try sid=1 cyl=A0.  
Either way is a 720k, 160 track for sid=1, and 80 track if sid=2

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