[Coco] RGB to VGA Converters

Sean badfrog at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 23:38:24 EST 2016

Last year it looked like my Roy Justus RGB to VGA adapter had died.  Sad

After getting Luis's designed RGB2VGA converter build by Zippster this
fall, I've been using that.

Recently I got a new switchable DC power supply for another project, and
tonight decided to try it with Roy's adapter.  The green power LED lit, and
it turns out it still works fine.  (It takes 6v, which seems kind of
unusual, I didn't have another one in the house last year to try!)

What I'm interested in now is what the main differences in these two
adapters are.  Has anyone else done a side-by-side comparison? I assume
Roy's adapter is converting signal, vs the RGB2VGA doing a lot more active
processing, since it requires the DE-Nano board.

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