[Coco] New CoCo'er, Some Q's and looking for hardware

Steve Ostrom smostrom7 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 24 16:50:40 EST 2016

Welcome.  Cloud-9 is a fantastic company.  Just send them an e-mail and they 
will get back to you.  Mark Marlette and Boisy Pitre are the owners, and are 
great to work with !!

--- Steve ---

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Hello All,

I'd like to do the Cloud-9 memory upgrade to 512K and get some proper
cables to replace these cobbled together jumpers I made to load the .WAV
file and the serial port cable. It seems like they do not have a order
shopping cart though, just an email address, is that normal?  I thought
they might be out of business or closed for now, given the lack of a
normal purchasing order form.

Sorry for the long first post & TIA!

--John, kd8cgo

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