[Coco] Mess is a mess.... again....

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Did you open a bug report? Or send them a patch?

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In doing some experiments, I needed to use Mess, and wanting the latest build, I just downloaded v1.70. The last version I "messed" with was v1.56 & v1.65.
Somewhere between 156 and 165, someone changed the floppy system to "5.25' Quad Density Floppy Drives". Now, absolutely no floppy disk image in the Coco archives will load!!!
Mess gives a "File format not recognized" error on every disk. I tried a couple of tricks (like removing the 2 header bytes that VCC creates when creating a disk) and it just completely crashed Mess.

This is the very reason I switched to VCC years ago and have continued to use VCC through the years. Every time I try a new version of Mess, something else is broken (and usually it worked before). There is no consistancy from one version to another.



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