[Coco] VCC and Microsoft Windows XP

Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
Sat Feb 20 15:44:04 EST 2016

Bob can get new version of VCC as it has been verified to work on WinXP and up. Bob should be no problems. Bob should download the new version. Bob should read the included manual for new changes.


Bob... enjoy :-)



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Some people are working on a new version of VCC.Bob Swoger is a user of VCC.Bob wrote a program called LogiCall that will run in VCC.Bob wants VCC to run on Microsoft Windows XP.Bob does not want to upgrade to a newer version of Microsoft Windows.He prefers Microsoft Windows XP for the rest of his life.John Mark Mobley-- Coco mailing listCoco at maltedmedia.comhttps://pairlist5.pair.net/mailman/listinfo/coco

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