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Barry, I thought someone had done this, but couldn't remember who. I wrote a similar program in basic back when I was first starting out with DW4 but I think it was in my archives when my HD crashed. I eventually figured out how to do it with VCC and never revisited that program.
With Vcc (even in rgbdos, no dw needed), just put the image in drive0 the VHD in H0, type DRIVEOFF and BACKUP0TO255. To get the drive 0 tools disk into slot 0, do this: DRIVEOFF:BACKUP0TO4:DRIVEON:BACKUP4TO0


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It's not hard, but you need a piece of software that I wrote to do it easily, it's called HDBACK and it can copy 35 track floppy images from either physical floppies or from a separate DriveWire drive into a DriveWire virtual floppy drive number. It does also require 512k of ram though.It is here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8RnV5G0TZFZcWdmWjJPa0VFSFU> Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com > Fri Feb 19 04:01:37 EST 2016> > Next you have to BACKUP the 35trk disk to 255. Without a physical drive or an emulator, this is no easy task. -- Coco mailing listCoco at maltedmedia.comhttps://pairlist5.pair.net/mailman/listinfo/coco

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