[Coco] Fahrfall, is there any chance it can ever run on a CoCo3?

John W. Linville linville at tuxdriver.com
Fri Feb 19 11:17:31 EST 2016

On Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 11:06:20PM -0500, Barry Nelson wrote:
> Is there anyway to patch Fahrfall to run on a CoCo 3?

There are some GIME settings that Nick Marentes pointed-out elsewhere
that might _mostly_ enable the video mode, although the score and
other text probably won't display correctly.  I haven't tried it,
and don't currently plan to do so.

> The latest copy I found (beta 3) uses one of the semi-graphics
> modes that the CoCo 3 does not support.

All versions do.  That is, of course, quite intentional and was one
of the primary motivations for writing Fahrfall.

> Also, is beta 3 the latest version of Fahrfall?

It is the latest version available for download.  The latest version
available outside of my house is the "COCOFEST! EDITION" which
was burned into the ROM paks I sold at CoCoFEST! (and one on eBay)
last year.  That version is close to the Beta 3 version, but there
are a couple of minor bugfixes in the later version.

The latest version is what I am calling the "GOLDEN EDITION", which
has a couple more minor bugfixes.  I intend to offer this in ROM paks
beginning at this year's CoCoFEST!

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