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Tormod, EmuDsk isn't for disk drives... it's for the hard drives in emulators, and yes, it's a cheat and both VCC and Mess use it. You cannot access their HDs without it. This is why I've been asking for this to be put in the modules folder for about 8 years now. At least 60% of the people still using Coco, use emulators, and without emudsk, they can't use vhds.
You would not believe how many copies of disks with emudsk I've sent to people when they asked for it. Since about 2010, I know I've sent out over 100. And that's not including all the fully setup VHDs I've created for others.



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On Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 5:48 PM, Robert Gault wrote:> You can now access all the 256 Basic drives but will not have access to the> OS-9 portion of the .vhd as it is filled with $00. So you will need to use a> distribution disk that can access an emu type drives so you can format the> OS-9 portion of the .vhd disk.> You will need the eumdsk driver and descriptor to access the .vhd from VCC> or MESS. Format the .vhd which will be /H0, and fill the CMDS directory with> the current commands.Just an innocent question, why is an emudsk (emulator disk?) driverneeded? Doesn't the emulator emulate normal disks? Or is it just a wayof "cheating" because normal disk drives are so complex to emulate andwe don't really care enough?Also why this seemingly complex and confusing topic of combining anHDBDOS portion and NitrOS-9 portion on one disk image. I understandwhen having one real hard drive used for everything. But for emulatorsor DriveWire, isn't it easier to use several disks? For instance whenusing DriveWire I have a NitrOS-9 disk image in slot 0 and a HDBDOSimage in slot 1.Regards,Tormod-- Coco mailing listCoco at maltedmedia.comhttps://pairlist5.pair.net/mailman/listinfo/coco

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