[Coco] "Ultimate" CoCoSDC Image

Barry Nelson barry.nelson at amobiledevice.com
Sun Feb 14 18:26:50 EST 2016

I did not originally build this image. The CoCoSDC image and the VCC/MESS emulator images are modified versions of an older image. A few programs have been added, the NitrOS9 section has been updated to version 3.30, and in the case of the CoCoSDC version the boot track and device drivers have been changed to drivers that work with the CoCoSDC, and a disk supplied with a SDC compatible HDBDOS has been provided. The note that says type "DOS 255" to boot NitrOS9 on the software list is incorrect. Instead, you should either boot NitrOS9 by selecting option 5 on the menu, or from a HDBDOS BASIC prompt type "DRIVE OFF:DOS", or from SDCDOS, before switching to HDBDOS, type "DOS".

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