[Coco] can you use the vccemudisk on a real coco3 with drivewire 4

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Fri Feb 12 22:40:33 EST 2016

Richard Hawk wrote:
> Correction I have No real Had drive tried to buy one off cloud-9 and there sold out so I want to be able use my vccemudisk.vhd that I have set up with vcc emulator
> Thanks
> If not what do I need to buy to have a harddrive of some sort for a real COCO3


These are the kind of questions that can be answered by about ten minutes of 
testing. :)

Any of the .vhd drives with Disk Basic partitions will work with both emulators 
and real Coco3 hardware. All that is needed is a disk ROM that follows the 
RGBDOS protocols. That means RGBDOS for emulators or the Drivewire HDBDOS for a 
real Coco3. There are versions of DW HDBDOS for the Coco1 and Coco2 but you 
would need both Basic and Extended Basic for HDBDOS to work.

Now if you want to boot into NitrOS-9 from a drive on the .vhd, you will also 
need an appropriate Boot module in the OS9Boot file and an appropriate 
driver/descriptor if you want to be able to read any of the drives in the Disk 
Basic partition on the .vhd drive.
Boot that works for a .vhd mounted in the emulators JVC, MESS, or VCC will not 
work for a drive mounted in DW3 or DW4. Also MESS and VCC use a Becker Boot for 
a .vhd mounted in DW4 but you need a DW boot when using a hardware Coco.


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