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Stephen, yep... my favorite is the updater as well. On a real Coco3, it's just too cool to watch it update from the internet on a machine made in 1986 :-)
I wrote the first updater in my DW4Man project in about 45 minutes. Aaron had just release the first DriveWire4 that had the updater feature and I told him it would be nice to be able to do that on a Coco... he told me I could, then told me about a couple of dw commands. I had about 1 hour before the CocoCoding contest for 2013 CocoFest. The DW4man project was finished and submitted, but a few minutes before the contest, I sent the new version of the program with the updater to Aaron at the CocoFest (I was here in NC). Since that program, I have added the updater to every piece of software I write (almost).



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Hi Bill,I was successfully able to update my MShell from version 1.0.3O to 1.0.3Q by using the built-in Updater in the UTILS menu, on my CoCo3FPGA system, connected to Drivewire.That automatic update is sooo sexy!Thanks a million for such a terrific program for NitrOS-9!--Stephen M. PereiraBedford, NH  03110KB1SXE> On Feb 5, 2016, at 12:17 PM, Bill Pierce via Coco <coco at maltedmedia.com> wrote:> > Stephen, you should be able to use the updater (as long as your DW4 server is connected to the internet). I'm pretty sure the last version you got to test, the updater was OK. I wasn't using the updater for the test disks as I didn't want others to end up with one of the bad runs, so I wasn't updating the FTP.> > It would be a good test to know the updater works on the CocoFPGA :-)> > > Thanks for all the tests, it was a BIG help :-)> > > With this version, MShell users will want to use the updater at least once a week to see if there's a new version. I have some changes coming that will make the interface a little easier. That is, if I can work in the new code without breaking it again :-)> > > > Bill Pierce> "Charlie stole the handle, and the train it won't stop going, no way to slow down!" - Ian Anderson - Jethro Tull> > > > My Music from the Tandy/Radio Shack Color Computer 2 & 3> https://sites.google.com/site/dabarnstudio/> Co-Contributor, Co-Editor for CocoPedia> http://www.cocopedia.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page> Global Moderator for TRS-80/Tandy Color Computer Forums> http://www.tandycoco.com/forum/> > E-Mail: ooogalapasooo at aol.com> > -- Coco mailing listCoco at maltedmedia.comhttps://pairlist5.pair.net/mailman/listinfo/coco

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