[Coco] Latest Release of the VCC Color Computer 3 Emulator

Bill cwgordon at carolina.rr.com
Thu Feb 4 15:01:04 EST 2016

I understand that it takes time to develop software for an 'antique' system. But you gotta realize, we Cocoists are nothing if not patient. We've been babying our Cocos since Tandy abandoned them in '86. 

Some of us have to take 'time-outs' from our interests from time to time (for various reasons), but things happen while we are away, and we seem impatient while we try to catch up and gain understanding. I guess I'm one of the worst. I apologize if I seem to be 'hurrying' anyone-actually I'm not.

I'm doing my best to abandon Micro$oft and switch over to Mac, but having problems finding the software to replace what I use on my PC. I haven't grasped the concept of the Mac way of doing things yet, so I sometimes don't know where to look for "stuff" (data directories and such)

I do, however, applaud you and the other developers for your hard work and diligence.

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Bill, one of the goals in the new VCC project is to eventually have a version that WILL run on Mac (& Linux) natively. So one of the objectives has been to get rid of 'hard coded' Windows path lists. The way the new version works, all file dialogs will 'start' in the same directory where VCC is installed. Once you access a file in any of the dialogs, each dialog (and file format dsk, vhd, cas, rom etc) will remember it's own path list. Once we get the cross platform stuff going, we'll (of course) have install methods for each platform. But that is still a long way off.

We actually have the code much farther along than the last release, but there are a lot of things being changed and the state the current beta is in, is just not acceptable for public release. For one thing, all parts of VCC are being 'isolated' as modules so that each can be used individually in compiling (6809, 6309, GIME, etc) . What this means is we are making it so that various components can be used to create a Coco 1, 2, 3, and possibly even a Dragon. This is one of the other goals is to make VCC eventually be able to emulate ALL Coco models.

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