[Coco] Utility of large MPI (was: Re: ROM Cart registers)

S Klammer sklammer at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 18:59:43 EST 2016

Jim, to add to your "thinking out loud"...

- a parallel port might be useful only if it merely is able to take the
bit-banger or, at worst, the RS232 data to minimize software changes.
- definitely sound, Orch90 and/or Speech&Sound emulation would be nice, but
including a MOD or MP3 player with multiple selectable banks and mixer,
that can play independently, but through the Coco.
- USB.  Programmable drivers on the same SD card if the CocoSDC is also
there.  Keyboards, mice, serial converters, wifi, bluetooth, etc. could
potentially all be available.  The cart would manage the "dirty" work.
- Using the "menu" program idea could permit many options to the user, such
as storing default RGB/Composite, 32/40/80, boot to NitrOS9, Drivewire,
ECB, SECB, etc
- oh, there is so much more... maybe later if there is still interest :)

Are you sure you couldn't use some CF cards for the Glenside? :)


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