[Coco] ROM Cart registers

RETRO Innovations go4retro at go4retro.com
Mon Feb 1 23:29:15 EST 2016

On 2/1/2016 11:44 AM, Mark Marlette wrote:
> It is, as far as I have thus tested it before my query.    However, I
> did just test booting from slot #3 (sIDE), moving the switch to #1, and
> the cursor dies (it appears to lock up).  I previously assumed that the
> HDB-DOS was hooking the interpreter and when I move the switch, the cts
> signal no longer reaches the sIDE boot rom and thus the machine locks
> up.  Are you stating that I should be able to move the switch and this
> type DIR in the basic interpreter and not have it lock up?
> -------------------------
> correct, no lock should occur.
Well, at least I fixed this issue.  The autostart switch was already 
selected on this sIDE (which is noted in the manual to have off when the 
ROM bank hold HDB DOS).  I disabled it, and now I can perform disk 
commands with any slot selected.

I was worried that somehow I had mis-read the MPI schematics.


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