[Coco] Computer Assisted translation of programs form 6502 to 6809

Dave Philipsen dave at davebiz.com
Mon Feb 1 12:15:04 EST 2016

That's a nice article. I have not read it in its entirety but it's evident that "Bud" Pass knows his stuff.  I mentioned once before that he no longer resides at the address in Conyers, GA nor does he have the same phone number.  I believe that in some point in time he moved to Florida to retire.  If anyone knows of his whereabouts or whether he's still around please let me know.  I'd love to give away his cross assemblers and some utilities he wrote along with their source files that he sold me some 25 years ago.  But I will only do it with his permission or if I know he has passed (no pun intended).  I have the assemblers for 6502, 6801/11, 6809, 8048, and 8051 along with utilities to convert Motorola S records to binary or Intel.  I still use these programs today because they are very stable, fast, tried and proven.

Dave Philipsen

> On Feb 1, 2016, at 10:40 AM, Tormod Volden <lists.tormod at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Mon, Feb 1, 2016 at 4:49 PM, Tony Cappellini wrote:
>> http://boutillon.free.fr/tmp/JeanPierre/6809/6502to6809.pdf
> That copy is not complete and pages of the article are missing. A full
> copy can be found at the Internet Archive:
> https://archive.org/details/micro-6502-journal-50
> Searching for the article, I can see this was posted on reddit just
> now, probably not a coincidence. Maybe you can post the better link
> there?
> Tormod
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