[Coco] New version of SDC-DOS available

Darren A mechacoco at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 10:42:24 EST 2016

An updated SDC-DOS version 1.3 for the CoCo-SDC is now available.

Download link for latest SDCSETUP disk image:

New features in this version:

Support for running an "AUTOEXEC.BAS" program at system startup.  You can
hold down the SHIFT key to suppress this.

A new EXP command which can be used to quickly mount and run a program like
the SDC Explorer.  Think of EXP as shorthand for Explorer or Express.  The
EXP command is roughly equivalent to the following:


The WRITE MEM command will now write to the FE00-FEFF locations in the
flash banks when running on a CoCo 3. Likewise, the COPY MEM command now
reads from flash for these locations on a CoCo 3.

You can change the machine type for DriveWire communications to something
other than the one detected by SDC-DOS at startup by entering:
  DEF DW=n

Specify 1, 2 or 3 for n according to the CoCo model whose speed capability
you want to use:

  1 =  38,400 bps
  2 =  57,600 bps  -  requires op-amp replacement on CoCo 1
  3 = 115,200 bps  -  allowed only on a CoCo 3

- Darren

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