[Coco] Links for Bud Pass cross-assemblers and utilities

Steven Hirsch snhirsch at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 22:01:58 EDT 2016

On Sun, 28 Aug 2016, Dave Philipsen wrote:

> Here are links to five cross assemblers for 8-bit CPUs for any that are 
> interested.  They all run in an MSDOS environment and/or Windows DOS 
> box.  If you type in the program name without any options you'll get a 
> list of options.  Everything is pretty self-explanatory.  If you have 
> any questions,  I can probably help you since I've been using these 
> programs for some 25 years now.
> http://www.6809er.com/xassems/CSC6809.EXE
> http://www.6809er.com/xassems/CSC6801.EXE
> http://www.6809er.com/xassems/CSC6502.EXE
> http://www.6809er.com/xassems/CSC8048.EXE
> http://www.6809er.com/xassems/CSC8051.EXE

Thanks, Dave!

Will documentation be available at some point?


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