[Coco] How to detect a CoCo 1 vs a CoCo 2 in software.

Barry Nelson barry.nelson at amobiledevice.com
Tue Aug 23 03:20:26 EDT 2016

That is wonderful information but does not solve the issue. I have no way of knowing what machine my software will be running on, I am trying to have it choose the correct baud rate. I do not want the user to have to plug in a special dongle into the serial port either, however it may be a safe guess that an active DriveWire server will be connected, so a small program that queries DriveWire for a response might work, if it is reliable and doesn't sometimes choose the higher baud rate by chance.

> Daniel Campos daniel.campus at gmail.com 
> Mon Aug 22 23:45:16 EDT 2016
> Sure. Just replace the old MC1741 that are in all CoCo1s for a CA3140
> and you be able to have a CoCo2 rate of 57600.
> Daniel

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