[Coco] Accessing Basic variables from a CMOC program

Pierre Sarrazin sarrazip at sarrazip.com
Sun Aug 21 20:58:17 EDT 2016

Hi folks,

Here are some news about CMOC, a cross-compiler for a subset of
the C language.

Along with the release of version 0.1.30, I have just published a
sample CMOC program that shows how to access the variables of the
Basic program. This could be used to ease the transfer of parameters
between a Basic program and a binary program compiled by CMOC.
This sample program (with source) can be obtained here:


Since version 0.1.25, several small bugs have been fixed and support
for enumerations (enum) has been added.

CMOC can be downloaded from its home page:


Pierre Sarrazin <sarrazip @ sarrazip . com>

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