[Coco] The Hobbit ported to 6809 (Dragon64 and coCo2 64k)

Pere psergm at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 14:02:49 EDT 2016

I did make a few attempts and I found the reason why it hangs on a CoCo3.
The Hobbit requires the space from $E000-$FEFF to have data structures
as Locations, Objects and the like ... but CoCo3 has there the Super 
Extended Basic.
So, when the main program loads the data part (H2.BIN) it overwrites 
and crashes ...
Does anybody know of a way to disable that Super Ext Basic? ... it is not 
used at all!
Another point ... the Disk System for CoCo3, is the same dos11, dos12 or 

thanks beforehand
pere serrat

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Is there any reason this wouldn't work on the CoCo 3 as well?

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