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Salvador Garcia salvadorgarciav at yahoo.com
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Dave, your remark is interesting., I have used PayPal  since 2001 (approx) and it has been very useful fom me; however, I don't like it and would not recommend it to anyone. Unfortunately, PayPal seems to be the de facto standard way of payment for some online vendors. Regards, Salvador

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I wouldn't worry about it.  I doubt if they would be suspicious or even 
care.  There are very few 'real people' who will interact with you at 
PayPal.  It's actually a very terribly managed company in my opinion.  
Be aware that if you make a friends & family payment by credit card the 
fee will apply.  Only payments funded from a bank account are free of 
the fees.


On 8/19/2016 2:44 PM, Nick Marentes wrote:
> On 20/08/2016 5:30 AM, Dave Philipsen wrote:
>> With PayPal, if you send money funded by your bank account and 
>> designate it 'friends and family' no fee is deducted and you, as 
>> seller, get the total amount. Otherwise, PayPal deducts something 
>> like 2.9% plus 30 cents. Not sure if this policy applies to non-US 
>> accounts.
>> Dave
> Ok, a no brainer... "friends and family".
> But wouldn't they get suspicious if I receive 10 payments from 10 
> people with different surnames from 10 difference locations all for 
> the same amount?
> Is it safer then to say "payment" and let them take a percentage of 
> your hard earned takings?
> Nick

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