[Coco] Private: Re: Pop*Star Pilot available for pre-purchase

Nick Marentes nickma at optusnet.com.au
Fri Aug 19 15:44:58 EDT 2016

On 20/08/2016 5:30 AM, Dave Philipsen wrote:
> With PayPal, if you send money funded by your bank account and designate it 'friends and family' no fee is deducted and you, as seller, get the total amount.  Otherwise, PayPal deducts something like 2.9% plus 30 cents.  Not sure if this policy applies to non-US accounts.
> Dave

Ok, a no brainer... "friends and family".

But wouldn't they get suspicious if I receive 10 payments from 10 people 
with different surnames from 10 difference locations all for the same 

Is it safer then to say "payment" and let them take a percentage of your 
hard earned takings?


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