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Here's a good example of what the Coco can do with midi when you take the time to sequence good stuff and do it right. Play these through a good sound system to really hear the quality!
This is a sequence of Jethro Tull's "Crosseyed Mary" that I transcribed back in the late 80s using Lester Hand's "Lyra". At the time I was using the bitbanger for midi and a Kawia MS-710, and eventually a Yamaha PRS-500.
A few years ago, after finally getting a midi pak, I was experimenting and came up with this. The system was:
A Coco 3 running Lyra (8 tracks) through the Glenside midipak which plugged into a M-Audio Delta 1010. The 1010 is a pro 8 channel audio recording interface for my PC and also has standard midi in/out. On my PC, the midi was received by Sonar 8 (Cakewalk) and routed through custom VSTi virtual instuments, then played through my PA in the studio. The output was recorded internally on the PC as an MP3.

Crosseyed Mary

Now, to take this a little further... Using the Coco 3, NitrOS9 and the Ultimuse3 (16 tracks) sequencer out to the midipak (same setup to the PC). The midi is "recorded" by Sonar. So this is still an exact representation of the Coco midi output. In Sonar, I setup custom instrumentation, and exported each instrument as a wav file. Then loading all the wave files into "Vegas Pro 10" which is a multi-track digital audio workstation (DAW), I process the tracks with various EQs, delays, reverb and compression. Now to top it all off, I record all guitars live using my trusty Fender Stratocaster and a Fender CyberTwin amp. The resulting music is then mixed in Vegas Pro 10, mastered in SoundForge Pro 10 and converted to MP3 for your listening pleasure. The song is Joe Walsh's "Life's Been Good". Remember, all instruments except the guitars (played by your's truely) were sequenced on the Coco3 in OS9 & Ultimuse3:

Life's Been Good

Enjoy :-)


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