[Coco] SuperComm v1.07 screen artifacts

Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Tue Aug 16 02:20:13 EDT 2016

On Tuesday 16 August 2016 01:38:59 Travis Poppe wrote:

> All,
> Is it normal for SuperComm (via RGB2VGA) to display noise on the
> screen the entire time it is running? i.e. random dots everywhere.
> P.S. I am sending this email from NitrOS9 over DriveWire 4. :)
> Best regards,
> --
> Travis Poppe
> IRC: tlp on irc.freenode.net

I have not noted any such noise with my setup, currently feeding an old 
POS lcd touch screen monitor with one of the later versions of Roy 
Justice's convertor.  This reminds me of the earlier coco3's that had 
the noisy gime chips.

I should advise the list that my coco3 is turned off as we had major 
construction work ($13k worth) done in the basement in the form of 
cutting an inside drainage ditch hooked to a drain sump and pumping 
facility, to put an end to the constant flooding, and had the front 
basement wall re-enforced with a 4" I beam against it every 4 feet, and 
that resulted in most of our stuff being displaced, and much of it still 
covered with the cement dust of the demolition work done with jack 
hammers to dig the ditch for the plastic trenching, which was then 
cemented over again, but the cleanup and put it back together again is 
being done as my back allows but progress is slow.  Wearing out a 
shop-vac and one of those hoover hard floor wet mop and vacuum cleaner 

So my coco stuff will need to be unhooked and taken to the front deck for 
a liberal blow out the grit job with a 90 psi air hose before it gets 
fired up again.  Thats a cooler weather project for sure.  And while the 
weather folks keep promising a break in the 90F+ heat, its not 
materialized here yet, 95F yesterday.  Its always promised for about a 
week out.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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