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On Monday 15 August 2016 19:23:20 Mark McDougall wrote:

> On 15/08/2016 11:34 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > The gib rebuild to the "little monster" went well,
> 	(snip)
> > As I have said before, stuff like this keeps me out of the bars.
> >
> > I'd imagine thats probably true for quite a few of us who grow old
> > without ever growing up. :)
> This is what I love about Gene's posts - for example he lost me at
> "gib rebuild" and I didn't understand much of the rest of it until I
> got to "keeps me out of the bars" - but it's all pure prose in between
> and none-the-less entertaining to read!
The "gib" is a part of a lathe or milling machines carriage to bed or? 
joinery, that on the better machines is a tapered piece of metal, moving 
in an oppositely tapered track such that wear and clearance can be 
compensated for by pushing it a little farther into the taper, which in 
turn takes up the play in order to maintain the machines accuracy as it 
wears. My little 1997 model $350 lathe never had that, just flat plates 
of cheap steel with a high wear rate, so they were worn "bell mouthed" 
for lack of a better term.

Now it has much heavier steel carriars bolted to the botton of the 
carriage, machined with a taper ramp from one end to the other, and 
brass tapered gibs that fill up the ramp, so the top of the brass is 
riding on a lip .3" wide machined into the bed casting and the 20 
thousandths of an inch wiggle it had 2 weeks ago is now about half a 

The gib will need to be pushed into the gap to take up the wear from time 
to time, but thats just normal maintenance, like oiling it every day 
before doing any real work.

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