[Coco] TVBUG Assembler Source Needed

Kip Koon computerdoc at sc.rr.com
Mon Aug 1 23:04:34 EDT 2016

Hi Guys,

I'm looking for the Source Code to Motorola's Micro Chroma 68 TVBUG monitor
program in Assembler Source Code form.  I want to try my hand at creating
some form of the Micro Chroma 68 from scratch.  I have Motorola's Micro
Chroma 68 Manual in pdf form, but I'd rather not have to type the whole
program from scratch.  :)  The binary is only 2KBs, but the assembler output
listing is hundreds of lines long.  If anyone has any information, tips,
ideas, suggestions, etcetera on how to secure a copy of this software as
well as the system itself, please let me know.  Thank you all in advance for
any help you can give.  


Kip Koon

 <mailto:computerdoc at sc.rr.com> computerdoc at sc.rr.com




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