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   I never tried it on Windows 10 (I'm not installing that virus on my
   computer LOL). The software is NOT compatible with anything above
   Windows XP due to changes Micr$0ft made in their OS with the release of
   Vista. I know what the problem is and I've been planning on fixing it.
   I have been talking to Roger over the last few months but I've had a
   few family related setbacks that has taken my time up. I'm hoping to
   get back into it in a month or two. It should work fine in a VM ware
   image running XP.
   The problem:
   The software reads and writes directly to the sectors of the card,
   ignoring the FAT system. Micro$soft changed the sector level drive
   access functionality in an attempt to stop virus attacks when Vista was
   released. The OS periodically scans the drives for a valid file system.
   If the file system exists, it blocks all sector level write access to
   the drive. If you can blank out the cards first 512 sectors (NOT
   FORMAT), Windows 10 should work. After the sectors have been cleared,
   the card must be remounted (removed and re-inserted) and should be
   usable. Keep in mind, I've not tested it on Windows 10 so i don't know
   what other BS blocks Micro$oft put in.

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     Tim Franklin or anyone else that can answer the following:

     I was using CoCoPak this morning and found that it would not see
     plugged in and mounted SD Cards on my Windows 10 Pro Laptop. The
     program started fine, just couldn't see the SD card. I was able to
     load and use it just fine in a Windows XP VM on my Mac. So my
     question: Is it compatible with Windows 10 and if so, is there
     something special that needs to be done or another version needed?


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