[Coco] Cloud-9 New Product Announcement

Mark Marlette mmarlette at frontiernet.net
Thu Apr 21 14:15:47 EDT 2016

Cloud-9 is proud to announce another GREAT product to our already outstanding line of accessories for the Tandy Color Computer!
               Super Espectro 
(Portuguese translation of Spectrum)

•    Analog 15Khz RGB signal to VGA 31Khz converter in a FPGA 
•    512 colors for the CoCo3 only
•    Compact single board solution, with case slightly larger than the area of a credit card
•    Embedded Atmel AVR with 256-Tap, μPoT, Low-Drift, Digital Potentiometer
•    Digital screwdriver design, no need to open case for color adjustment, millivolt step control
•    FPGA’s firmware based upon Luis Felipe Antoniosi RGB2VGA v2.0 design
•    Artifacting and color phase control supported
•    Scanlines mode
•    Custom Cloud-9 screen saver
•    A portion of each sale is returned to Felipe to support his excellent work!
•    Includes - case, wall wart power supply, CoCo3 video cable
•    $125 limited offer

I posted to the Facebook group, for those that don't do FB....

To view a few pictures, ok I went a bit crazy.....
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9CBkYNiHERTMGtla2dBMmJZcW8More prep to do for the CoCoFEST! 2016
 Mark Marlette
mark at cloud9tech.com

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