[Coco] OS9 68K, MM/1 software and questions

Dave Philipsen dave at davebiz.com
Tue Dec 29 16:50:04 EST 2015

I believe the C compiler came with the standard distribution. It was in my OS9K package for the PT68K-4.

Dave Philipsen

> On Dec 29, 2015, at 4:19 AM, Mark McDougall <msmcdoug at iinet.net.au> wrote:
>> On 29/12/2015 1:48 PM, Zippster wrote:
>> My hope is that the project will go well, and will leave in it’s wake
>> a nice archive with design files, software, a history put together
>> from what can be scoured up.  A small, and hopefully somewhat
>> complete testament to a rare and interesting machine and a piece of
>> (in a way) Color Computer history.
> I'd be interested in porting Lode Runner to it. Does anyone know if there's a decent C compiler for it?
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