[Coco] OS9 Level I - Clock issue?

Rogelio Perea os9dude at gmail.com
Sat Dec 26 16:39:43 EST 2015

On Sat Dec 26 2015, Robert Gault wrote:

The size and crc are the same as those on my Tandy disk cat.# 700-2331.
> I've not tried what you did so don't know if the clock code is bad and the
> error reproducible.
> Why don't you update to the NitrOS-9 Level-1 Coco1 system code. The disks
> for several nos96809l1coco1 .dsk images are readily available.

I have been using OS9 L1 for a long time, guess it never happened that I
left the system up and running past midnight, never saw that condition show
up until now that I was actually paying attention because of the Logo

Moving on to NitrOS9 L1 was my thought as well as I do have the disks to do
so... just one of those things I became curious about with the stock
release of the OS :-)

-- RP

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