[Coco] MShell File Manager v1.0.3o update

Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
Sat Dec 26 11:43:39 EST 2015

After 2 months of adding new functions, fixing bugs, optimizing existing code, and running tests with a few users, I think I finally have a fairly stable version of the MShell File Manager.
Those not familiar with my MShell project, The MShell File Manager runs under NitrOS9, has a 2 panel/directory screen listing w/point-n-click interface and allows various forms of file manipulation to the OS9, RSDOS and DriveWire4 PC sever's file systems. This meaning you can copy most any file to/from your OS9 drives, your RSDOS disks/partitions and your DW4 server's PC hard drives.
Over the past couple of months, I have added many new features including "batch copies" for ALL supported files systems. You can select a complete directory of files and copy them to another directory in one click of a mouse!

To list all the new (and old) functions of MShell here would make for one long email, so all I can say is give it a try and see for yourself.
MShell requires a Coco 3 w/512k of memory running NitrOS9. If you want to use the PC file copy functions, then DriveWire4 is needed as well as the DW4 NitrOS9 drivers.
MShell is meant for use on HDs & VHDs. I do not recomend trying to run MShell from a floppy as the system files and temp files alone take up quite a bit of disk space, not leaving much room for mush to work with.

There are now only a few of MShell's menu items disabled now. I'm saving these functions for the upcomng "MShell rewrite" in which I'm attempting to convert the MShell sources from C to asm to save memory and increase speed.

PLEASE read the included text file for installation instructions as well as an overview of the MShell cmd set.

The MShell installation disk can be found on the MShell website. Those who already have older versions of MShell, I suggest using this disk as well and not the internet updater as this version changes many things including the updater. The installer will delete all old MShell modules and install the new system.

The download is available here:

 As usual, please let me know of any problems, bugs, and/or suggestions so that I can completely ignore them (j/k)



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