[Coco] Noob 6809 ASM programmer looking for tips

Dave Philipsen dave at davebiz.com
Fri Dec 25 03:34:29 EST 2015

I haven't yet read replies to your post from others and most likely it 
will be mentioned but the Lance Leventhal book is a 'must' in my 
opinion.  I have Leventhal's books for the 6809, 6502, and 68000. Once 
you get going you don't need them that often but it's always nice for a 
reference when you forget or are not sure of something. Every now & 
again I forget the differences between the conditions for some of the 
branches, the stacking order of the pshs/puls or pshu/pulu instructions 
and the details on some of the more complex indexing schemes.


On 12/24/2015 1:03 PM, ricspam at mpc.com.br wrote:
> Hello, CoCo World! :)
> First, a brief introduction: I'm Ricardo, a software engineer from Brazil. In the
> mid '80s I got my first computer, a CP-400 (a Brazilian clone of the Coco), and
> since 1996 I've kept a few web pages about it on
> http://sites.mpc.com.br/ric/cp400/ecocmain.htm
> I did a lot of programming on the Coco, but only with Basic. I used assembly on
> other platforms, though (mostly x86, but also Dragonball/Palm, SH4/Dreamcast and
> others).
> Now I'd like to develop a couple of games for the Coco, and I want (and probably
> need) do it in assembly. So, any tips from experts such as you guys are really
> welcomed!
> =====
> I've already found some books and references on the subject ("TRS-80 Color Computer
> Assembly Language Programming", "Assembly Language Programming for the TRS-80 Color
> Computer", "MC6809 8-bit Microprocessor Programming Manual" and a few others), which
> I've started studying, but if you know other / better resources, please let me know.
> =========
> My idea of an "ideal" development system is:
>   - using a syntax highlighting editor to code
>   - compiling the source into a binary
>   - building a cartridge or disk image
>   - testing and debugging on an emulator
> I'm planning to use Scite as the editor, but I'll need to change the .ASM opcodes,
> etc. to have proper highlighting.
> For compilers I've found asm6809, lwasm/lwtools and a09. I tried to compile Bob
> Withers' adventure games with them, but it seems each compiler uses a different
> syntax, so all of them produced different errors... I'm still working on this,
> though.
> The ToolShed is a very nice set of tools, and I could use "decb" to create disk
> images and copy files to/from it.
> I tested both Mame and XRoar, which seem to be great emulators. From what I've read
> (but didn't test yet), I can use XRorar with GDB / DDD, so it seems to have an edge
> over Mame.
> I'd love to read you comments on this! What are the modern tools that you are using
> to code in assembly for the Coco? I can use both Windows and Linux, so tools for
> these platforms are preferred.
> Thank you!
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