[Coco] SS.Tone

K. Pruitt pruittk at roadrunner.com
Thu Dec 24 11:33:23 EST 2015

Thanks Robert.

Yes, I realize I was essentially asking "This doesn't work. Why?" without 
reference of any sort. Unfortunately there isn't a delete post button. What 
I was actually looking for was just a known working code snippet. And you 
gave me one. So thanks. I'll give it a shot momentarily.

I had CallCode set to $98 not $8E

Everything else is Identical.

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> K. Pruitt wrote:
>> I'm setting up the registers okay and using the proper system call ($98) 
>> but I
>> am not getting a tone. And when I check I see that I am generating an 
>> error 208
>> when calling this particular system call. I get the same thing in both 
>> assembly
>> and Basic09. I'm perplexed.
>> Anybody have a code snippet showing how to properly use this call?
> Hard to tell what you did wrong since you did not post your code. Most 
> likely you have a value set wrong.
> First, don't confuse Setsta with the call you want to use. Second, make 
> sure that regX and regY have acceptable values.
> regX duration of call; LSB=ticks
> regY frequency; 0=low 4095=high
> The manual does not make sense for regX LSB so just experiment. Here is an 
> example that works.
> TYPE registers=cc,a,b,dp:BYTE; x,y,u:INTEGER
> DIM regs:registers
> DIM callcode,path:BYTE
> regs.a=1
> regs.b=$98
> regs.x=$1464
> regs.y=$0CD0
> callcode=$8E
> RUN syscall(callcode,regs)
> Robert
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