[Coco] "I had a Dream".

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Tue Dec 22 15:51:44 EST 2015

OK, one more vote for me to kill myself.

This appears to be going the way of most CoCo projects, evereyone wants to lead, kill, offer different options before any are offered and so on.

Dennis is the supreme commander and controls what is on his site and will until he removes it.

You are indicating that you you can help but without using my knowledge and plans allowed.

Do you have all the Rainbow issues on a N.A.S.? 

Have searched MM, RTSI, OS9projects, the CoCo archive, Aarons great site, used Google to search for CoCo stuff so much that it put's that on the first page. 

Was a member of B.L.CoCo and joined this mailing list within days of it being created.

One of the persons who has said I should kill myself has a post I made where CoCo stuff can be found but has not realized that it was the  very first one he should have cencered or moved so it cannot be found.


This is a file organizing project continuing as the site has been started and files of any type dumped without anyone watching for years.

You are asking questions that need to be asked, just not yet.

"Steve Ostrom" <smostrom7-Wuw85uim5zDR7s880joybQ at public.gmane.org> wrote in message news:89AF581A25184BAD9E3CDAA0134115FB at HP2013Win8...
> Dennis, I am retired so I do have some time I could spend on the project, if 
> I am qualified.  I'm not a librarian and do not know OS-9, but I do know my 
> way around spreadsheets and have used FTP.  Can you explain what actions 
> need to be done?  In no way do I want to lead the effort, but I also do not 
> want to work on a team with one supreme commander and the rest of us being 
> "workers".  Please explain how you see this organization happening.  If you 
> need people with much more qualifications, I will politely bow out.  Can 
> this be worked on with a PC, or is an active emulator or real Coco 
> necessary?  As you can tell, I'm really in the dark about the details, so 
> maybe I'm the wrong type of Coco enthusiast for this project.
> Thanks!
> --- Steve ---

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