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Camillus camillus.b.58 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 20:39:02 EST 2015

I have an idea.

Why not buy two 500Gb drives and make two complete copy's.
One drive can be stored in a vault ( bank  ) to keep the original.
Then having the second drive available to work on a data retrieving copy. 

I would like to help setting up a database and sort things out.

The way i see it would be giving access to a front end application, where people can look, search, compare, for files they need. Then an little app to order what they want and distribute this on CD, DVD or stick ( media on request ).
The cost for this needs to be carried for the one that is ordering.

Te amount of data ordered would be unlimited, even the whole archive, provided that the the one that is ordering makes payments upfront trough Paypal and/or money order. So it would not be the case that media is burned or written and never be send because of canceling.

I would like to volunteer for this project, but would like to have some support in a couple of people who have time and knowledge of what all I'm going to find in the archive. I took the liberty to take a peek and there is some data that I do not recognize of what would be together as an application or setup. ( hope I make myself clear )

So this is it, if you take my offer I would also deliver one of the two drives needed.

Then the space of the computer where it is stored now can be available for a list with the directory structure. ( this for the time the project takes, and will be replaced with the front end.


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On 12/20/2015 11:10:01 AM, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz <bathory at maltedmedia.com> wrote:
Oh. I missed this conversation.

Thanks for the concern. Downloads are generally smaller now. Only a few big
ones, as I think the big robots have done their site-sucking work.

What's really needed is someone to organize it. I had a person who started it
and then stopped. Now it's hung up as half-organized with duplicates and a
whoppin pile of new submissions.

It really needs work -- there is duplicate content but almost no actual
duplicate material. What I mean is that there are various scans, images and
PDFs of the same documents. I think those should all be kept because their
various sizes and qualities are valuable in any archive.

Meanwhile, if anyone has the energy to follow this through, I'll be happy to
give that person access to do it. But I'm interested in someone serious who is
not going to give up. Another half-finished organization will only be worse.


On Sun, December 20, 2015 11:43 am, Stephen H. Fischer wrote:
> A better plan is to do some work on the files so the other archive.org tools
> for the bone ward can be used. It is not set up for single 72 GB files.
> 0. Perhaps ask that MM CoCo Downloads be turned off except on a password
> basis.
> 1. Accept a leader. MOST IMPORTANT! We need a leader to tell Dennis what we
> are doing and to insure that members do not abuse MM in doing this mirror and
> the recessing checking.
> 2. get a safe copy so it can be split up like Bill has suggested.
> 3. Check and see if it is what we think and the snapshot date so we can track
> additions after that date.
> 4. find out who did the download from MM and ban them from MM and the CoCo
> list forever. That activity "May" be the reason that Dennis complained about
> people trying to download the entire MM CoCo site.
> 5. Start a new archive.org with a better organization and add the files to it,
> purging "The invisible man?" files as needed
> 6. Produce copies using the tool I have to allow DECB files be found and
> duplicates removed.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Do not download files from MM CoCo or upload any files except upon direction
> of the leader.
> That will cause us much more trouble with Dennis.

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