[Coco] "I had a Dream".

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Sat Dec 19 20:01:35 EST 2015


Actually I awoke from a nap today remembering that it was not a dream but actually had happened.

I requested on this list for a tool to look for files inside "DSK" files showing the DECB files.

I got a response from a person who had written such a tool and included features that made it so much more useful.

A test run showing 81,478 files was included.

I used that tool to search the big unusual files on MM that might have Rainbow on Tape / Disk files.

The searches came up dry and then an offer of "all" the ROTROD was made. (Soon to be one (1) year overdue which as I learned how horrible getting to the files was to be was to be expected. We sure have made things hard!!!)


The author of the tool is very busy with his day job and I do not have permission to say actually what the tool does and when it "might" be released.

I also have a data base program $$$ that can handle the 81,478 entries and many more entries.

The problem is that few CoCo persons if any beside me have this Paradoxical program (PARADOX 10.0) and I cannot take on new tasks. Or have database skills with these huge number of entries. 

The 72 GB file would be easy to handle, find and eliminate duplicates of CoCo DECB files when looking for specific DECB files.

So it was not a dream, the CoCo Community can do very great things.

I still am looking for the 72 GB file on https://archive.org/ .


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