[Coco] 4MB EEPROM (Experimental)

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Tue Dec 15 23:32:01 EST 2015

Just a little update on this experiment if anyone is curious at all...

Well I've begun the first phase of this insanity.  I think I've mapped out the pins used for the 4 Meg chips on the GQ-4X and I designed a tiny adapter to solder the TSOP40 chip to.  A test batch is on order and the chips are on the way.  I also ordered a TSOP adapter set for my TL866 so I can take a look at the pinout routing it uses.  With any luck, both programmers might just use the same pinout.. We shall see.

I also went ahead and added in support for the chip in my Multi-Bank Rom Builder...  512 x 8K banks!  Oh boy, I think this might be a bit insane after all, I don't think I can fill it with .ROMs and .BIN's if I throw everything I have downloaded into it!!  Even if I can't fill a 4MB chip, if it works then it will be great..  If someone asks "Why have one?"..  Because I can :)

I know others are working on 8MB or larger projects.  I can only guess that the space on those will be used by custom programs written to take advantage of the space.  Any ideas on such games/applications from the coders out there?

- Chad H

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4MB is overkill. But this is coming from a person that likes to boil his eggs using a nuclear reactor <eg>. Personally, I would go for it, taking into account cost of the 4MB vs the 512KB chip. Regards, Salvador

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Today I was looking at EEPROM chips and stumbled upon a 4MB chip that meetsall the criteria for what I could consider to be a candidate for a EEPROMboard.  My current boards support up to 512MB via PLCC32 or DIP32 socket butthe 4MB would require some creative adapting with its TSOP40 layout.  Inorder to make practical, I could design a tiny adapter board to solder itto, giving it legs so to speak, that could be plugged into the EEPROM boardor a special adapter for programmers such as the TL866 or GQ-4X.  I'mwondering though if this is 'too much'.  We can fit quiet a lot of.ROM/.CCC/.BIN stuff in the 512K chips already, but 8 times as much?   Thenagain.is there such a thing as too much space? I've got a itch to persue this and see if I can make some sort of'Mega-Flash' version of the EEPROM boards around this chip.  I could evenkeep the existing External Controller interface.  Because it uses serialaddress control, no changes would have to be made there.   I'm just not sureif I could even find enough games and utilities in .BIN/.ROM/.CCC format toeven fill such a chip. Thoughts anyone? - Chad Hhttp://sites.google.com/site/cbhlab101/ -- Coco mailing listCoco at maltedmedia.comhttps://pairlist5.pair.net/mailman/listinfo/coco

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