[Coco] SuperPak Cartridge

John Strong johnstrong at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 13 14:56:12 EST 2015

Great looking product, just waiting on pricing. So I can decide on using it or one of 3d printed designs.Both have their advantages, molded case - slick commercial design, 3d printed - unique designs or colors for each game is possible.FYI, I am planing to release some cartridge based games. Just ordered the eproms for the first one and I think I have everything I need to create a custom designed package for the game. Now to get the time to finish everything.Costs: I need to keep costs low, so I can afford to stock the parts and/or the game. Remember as the developer/publisher I'm paying for everything upfront, before sales, less cost means less I stand to lose.Pricing: I'm looking at setting a $40 price on my first rom game release, if I can kept the costs on materials low enough.Sound on board: this is another idea I have been look at. Planning for a future game to use feature, I have some sample chips for testing the concept on hand.Custom game packages: I have been looking at the possibility of creating custom game controllers using my 3d printer to go with some of my planned games.SuperPak: great job guys! kept up the good work. Believe me designing a good case can quickly become a black hole for time and money. John Strong, StrongWare


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