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Fri Dec 11 18:50:41 EST 2015

On 12/11/2015 1:01 PM, Nick Marentes wrote:
> For anyone interested in reading how Radio Shacks Super Rom Paks 
> worked, here is the Rainbow, June 1990 Page 58 for an article by Greg 
> Zummwalt.
> http://www.colorcomputerarchive.com/coco/Documents/Magazines/Rainbow,%20The%20(Clearscan)/The%20Rainbow%20Vol.%2009%20No.%2011%20-%20June%201990.pdf 
> Anyone got the skills to redesign and include an option to support a 
> cheap sound chip?
> Nick
I'm not sure a redesign is needed.  This is exactly how all of the 
multi-carts work.  bank register at $ff40-$ff7f, etc.

If you're going to do a sound IC, I'd consider a small AVR Tiny. Such a 
device could do PCM or other funky things.


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