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Al Hartman alhartman6 at verizon.net
Fri Dec 11 01:31:45 EST 2015

Considering the current market for any game is going to be maybe 100 copies 
max over a few years time, $50 a game isn't unreasonable. Unless the costs 
for the boart and case drop dramatically.

-[ Al ]-

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From: Neil Blanchard

For what it's worth and to let all of you know. I'd be more than happy 
paying $50 to $60 (and yes I mean USD currency which is like a million 
dollars in CAD currency right now haha) for a finished product CoCo game 
cartridge. I don't see that unreasonable at all. For the amount of time and 
effort it takes someone to produce these games it's a bargain!
I was lucky enough to buy a copy of Fahrfall on the first run for $40 and I 
thought that was a deal! It even came with a case and the cartridge was hand 
made from plastic resin.
My point is, we don't need to try and keep cost down to $30 like Nick & Ed 
are referring to. Gamers and collectors will pay the higher price tag 
because we know these games are special, rare and a lot of effort went into 
making them. I myself like to support the small guy / homebrew maker. After 
all that's where the quality is!
-Neil BlanchardCoCo Crew Podcast www.cococrew.org

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