[Coco] Fuzix experience

Ron ron at kdomain.org
Wed Dec 9 19:49:36 EST 2015

I just wanted to take a moment to say "thank you" to Brett for helping 
me get set up with Fuzix.  For those that don't follow Fuzix 
development, Brett has been adding code changes to support the Coco.  He 
has posted various videos and links recently, so I wanted to try it 
out.  It would be a familiar experience for those of you that may have a 
Linux background.

While there's still work to be done on the user space applications, it's 
quite a thrill to see Fuzix booting up on the Coco.

Thank you again, Brett, for your time over the last week and for the 
work you are doing to support the Coco.


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