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   Out of curiosity,  what are you using for your 8MB chip?



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   Though it was not available to demo at the Coco show in 2015, I have on
   my bench a prototype 8MB Flash Cart, offering the following features:
   * it can be programmed by the Coco (1/2/3)
   * It can hide the registers, and unhide them.
   * The base address of the registers can be changed by the Coco
   * It supports mapping any 2kB region of the flash cart into the Coco
   cartridge address space
   * I believe it supports up to 32kB address space, but I am not 100%
   sure I have the logic correct for that (it would work, I just have
   not tested it)
   * It offers 2 momentary switches that can be read under software
   * It supports a single LED that can be software controlled
   * It fits in a small Coco cartridge case
   * It is licensed under CC3.0 license
   * Can be produced pretty cheaply (under $50 for sure)
   Obviously, it lacks a nice programmer utility, which is where the
   project basically stopped. It's viable and cheap, but does require
   software development to be useful. I currently do not have the time to
   write such a utility, but I have two units and am happy to send them to
   interested individuals who are capable of writing said applications
   (needs a menu and a programmer app). I can provide any technical
   support on how to program, but my 6809 ASM and even my Coco BASIC
   prowess is limited.
   Not trying to rain on your parade, but thought I should lay my card(s)
   on the table.
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