[Coco] Does anyone know how to boot a Linux machine straight to a CoCo emulator?

Kip Koon computerdoc at sc.rr.com
Sat Dec 5 09:24:23 EST 2015

Hi Frank,
I see what you mean.  Thanks for the info.  I would not know how to run the emulator on boot up prior to seeing the login.  I've never done that.  Would you use the cron command or edit an rc??? file of some sort?  That's all the ideas I have at the moment.  It's been a long time since I ran linux on it's own box.

Kip Koon
computerdoc at sc.rr.com

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> If you want to boot the emulator on power on of the computer that runs linux, I would highly recommend AGAINST it.
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> That is EXACTLY what he wants to do, I believe. Turn the computer on and have it boot up as if it were a Coco without doing anything
> to help the process along. Not concerned about security issues, assume the physical location of the computer is secure. The idea is to
> build a machine that acts somewhat like a CoCo, though it would take a minute to boot. Not going to use it as a Linux computer, just
> a "super CoCo".
> There would be some utilities that might be needed in Linux, and there would be access needed for upgrades and such. Might have to
> use a live CD to boot to do such things. I think I could accept that. If I had one set up that way I don't think I'd worry about updates. If
> it works don't break it, as some upgrades might do just that.
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