[Coco] DynoSprite

Richard Goedeken Richard at fascinationsoftware.com
Wed Dec 2 02:10:07 EST 2015

I don't think anyone has started any real games yet with my engine.  I started
working on graphics a little bit for my game but I've been doing extra
contracting software work in addition to my full-time job during the last 6
months so I haven't made much progress.  2016 will be the year.  I ran the
demo at 25MHz on my coco3fpga and of course it's amazing because it runs at 60
hz with full diagonal movement.  I would love to do a micro machines type
racing game for my son with this engine too.


On 12/01/2015 03:34 PM, K. Pruitt wrote:
> I guess I am behind in my reading as I just discovered Richard Goedeken's
> DynoSprite about an hour ago and have been playing with the demo.
> I'm simply blown away by this software.
> Running the demo on my physical CoCo 3 shows just how good a game machine
> the CoCo 3 actually is.
> Anybody written any games using DynoSprite yet? Any game development blogs
> on the topic?

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